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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of being a Chapter member?
Membership to your ANZ ACBS entitles you to a range of benefits:
  • Support the organisation that supports YOU
  • Participate, Nominate and Vote in AGMs and Board elections
  • Member Mentoring to develop conference submissions, panels, and training skills
  • Scholarships to support Indigenous, Student and Diversity engagement!
  • Members-only access to keynote and webinar videos, free or at heavily discounted rates
  • Members-only access to free tip sheets and resources
Save money on all ANZ ACBS Events! This includes cheaper tickets to our:
  • Chapter Conference in AUCKLAND, New Zealand (late-2021)!
  • Skills Intensives in both Australia and New Zealand!
  • Webinars with local and international experts!
  • Networking events in Perth and Melbourne (with more cities to come)!

A Special Welcome Package

All new members will receive immediate free access to:

  • From the Clinic to the Community: Partnering with ACT-informed Psychologists working in schools to achieve system-level change – a recording of Perth’s most recent Pubtalk Event
What if I am not a financial member, but still choose “ANZ ACBS Chapter” when I renew my ACBS Membership?

People who choose “ANZ ACBS Chapter” membership when they renew their ACBS membership will not be confirmed members until their Chapter membership is paid but will be added as subscribers to the ANZ ACBS subscriber email list.

Can I be a financial member of ANZ ACBS but NOT ACBS International?

No. It is a requirement of ACBS that all ANZ Chapter members are also members of the international association. ACBS International membership brings a wealth of benefit to members beyond conference discounts, particularly through the resources provided to members on their website, and access to the international listservs.

Can I be a financial member of ANZ ACBS if I don’t live in Australia or New Zealand?

Yes. You are welcome to be a member of ANZ ACBS no matter where you live in the world, as long as you are a current member of ACBS.

Am I eligible for a Diversity membership (Affiliate)?

ANZ ACBS has adopted the ACBS Diversity Committee definition of diversity. The Diversity Committee endorses a broad definition of diversity that includes but is not limited to professional discipline and setting, communities of colour, minority status, cultural and language perspectives, religious and spiritual beliefs, socioeconomic status, as well as sex, age, race, ethnicity, nationality, sexual orientation, gender identity, and disability.

Why is paid membership being introduced?

We are confident you can see the huge benefits included for our Members. To equitably share the operational cost of running the ANZ ACBS chapter, we are asking each of our members to contribute, via annual membership fees, the “operational cost” of being a member and participating in our events and programs.

We have heard the message from our members around keeping our events accessible and inclusive. We are trying to make our organisation stronger. We need to be on a more secure financial footing so we can keep our costs down and ensure that our money is spent in the interest of our members. This includes improving access to conferences and events to all members. Our annual financial statements are made available to members at our AGM each year, and will be posted on our profile page on the ACNC Charity portal.

Who is eligible for Student Membership?

All prospective members who are currently enrolled full-time or part-time in a tertiary institution are eligible to subscribe as a Student Member.