Our Guiding Principles and Values

The popular ACBS phrase of “living and leading with our head, heart and hands,” was introduced by Steve Hayes, one of the Acceptance and Commitment Therapy founders, as a model for promoting vital lives and communities. So, what does this phrase mean specifically for us at ANZ ACBS?

The Head. Our Science: What We Do.

The head (or foundation) of our work at ANZ ACBS is cultivated at the intersection of basic science, applied science, and practice. The head is what we do (i.e., promote local CBS research and scholarship, organise annual local conference and practical workshops, etc.) in the service of the heart (the why).

ANZ ACBS Members values April 2020
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The Heart. Our Purpose: Why We Do it.

The heart is the compass that directs what we do and how we do it. The ANZ ACBS heart is focused on researching, teaching and disseminating powerful, empirically supported, accessible and compassionate ways of alleviating human suffering and connecting people to vitality.

The Hands. Our Community and Values: How We Do It.

Stepping up and committing to our organisation’s values requires the cultivation, nourishment and cooperation of a local and global CBS community- the hands. Our community is made up of local board members and staff, local members across Australia and New Zealand, and international ACBS members. Social change is consciously built into our organisation. As a community, ANZ ACBS is committed to values of accessibilty, transparency, pragmatism (doing what works), generous scholarship and practice, and philanthropy.

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